The Marathon Group is a dynamic group of privately held companies established thirty-two (32) years ago by George Thomas. Marathon’s primary focus is in the wholesale distribution of heating, air conditioning, fireplaces, boilers, as well as parts and accessories to compliment those products.

For the first twenty-one (21) years, the company operated out of one (1) branch in Scarborough, Ontario, concentrating mainly on heating and air conditioning equipment. Its growth during that period was strong and steady, building a solid foundation of customer loyalty through quality service and an exceptional product offering.

By 1989, Marathon was now firmly established in the wholesale distribution business, with a solid and loyal customer base, a strong financial position, and a large inventory of varied equipment and accessories.

Marathon then continued to grow by opening a new branch in Mississauga, Ontario. This new branch would enable Marathon to provide the same level of quality service to its growing customer base in other areas. At the same time, the Company’s foresight predicted a demand for gas fireplaces as a replacement for traditional wood appliances.

Marathon successfully secured a fireplace line that would prove to be a market leader, with an outstanding degree of customer acceptance and satisfaction.

In recent years, Marathon has re-assessed its position, and added innovative products, such as the BAXI line of wall-hung boilers. Marathon has made a serious commitment to positioning itself for the future, by investing in professional personnel in various key areas of the group. In addition, further investments have been made in equipment, systems, and service improvements. All investments are made with the primary objective of enhancing service and efficiency.

Marathon now has an excellent array of products, knowledgeable and dedicated staff, a solid financial base, a comprehensive distribution network, and a business vision for the future. All of these factors aid us in attaining our primary objective: